Clearview Strategies

Clearview Strategies was launched by principal Annie Riddell in 2007. Over the past thirteen years, Annie has helped a diverse group of Jackson Hole nonprofits and small businesses to increase their community presence, impact and member/client base.

Travis Riddell

Photo credit: Travis Riddell

Marketing & Communications

  • Brand development
  • Marketing campaign strategy and implementation
  • Website development, in conjunction with a web designer
  • Logo and media materials development, in conjunction with a graphic designer
  • Press release composition and dissemination
  • Blast email composition and dissemination
  • Pursuit of “earned media” (i.e. newspaper articles and radio interviews)
  • Radio and newspaper advertising
  • Social media outreach
  • Communications with member/client base
  • Market research, including online surveys and focus groups

Green Event Planning

  • Development of Green Event Plan
  • Implementation of sustainability strategies, including waste mitigation, recycling, composting, green power, organic/local food, eco-friendly printing and more
  • Management of event logistics, including venue, site layout, catering, entertainment, run of show, signage, parking and vendor payments
  • Orchestration of event marketing and outreach
  • Coordination with event partners
  • Oversight of presenter recruitment, communications, travel and accommodations
  • Sponsorship recruitment and grant writing, in conjunction with client
  • Coordination of auctions and raffles