Clearview Strategies

Daniel Beasse

Photo credit: Daniel Beasse

"Annie's seamless efficiency reminds me of the subtitles for foreign films - after a while, I begin to think I speak German. The second they omit a translation, however, I come crashing back to reality. It has been like that for us since Annie began coordinating Old Bill's Fun Run in 2010. We realize how much we rely on her, confident in her expert abilities and attention to detail. Fortunately, the next Old Bill's is right around the corner, so Annie will soon be providing the smooth translation that makes our work look almost effortless to the outside world."

Katharine Conover, Executive Director, Community Foundation of Jackson Hole

"If you want to grow an idea, get the word out, and move an organization forward, I can think of no one more qualified for that work than Annie Riddell and Clearview Strategies. Annie has amazing capacity... her feet are on the ground, yet ready to run; her head is full of creative ideas, yet she is able to organize and fulfill commitments. Nothing short of stunning.”

Mickey Babcock, President and Founder, The Equipoise Fund

“Annie helped take our event to new heights. We hadn't experienced growth in three years, and she was able to put our event on the radar of every local in Jackson. She can handle everything from marketing to event planning to donor relations. She pays attention to every detail and we could trust her to take care of the smallest of tasks, as well as brainstorm and resolve the more strategic level problems/questions. I know she will be a mainstay in the Jackson nonprofit community and look forward to working with her again.”

Laura Harrison, Board Member, Jackson Hole Community Counseling Center

“Annie is a pleasure to work with. She is thorough, always thinking ahead, and almost magically brings everything together for a seamlessly flowing and informative event.”

Martha Stearn, MD, Founding Director, St. John’s Institute for Cognitive Health

"Annie led my web site project with her thoughtful approach, gentle reminders, wise editing and clear thinking. Annie is helpful, professional and a delight to work with. I recommend her without hesitation."

Elaine Walsh Carney, Principal, Walsh Carney Associates

“If you want someone to make things happen, you just hope that Annie has an opening in her schedule. She is the most hardworking and creative person we know to get the job done - and really she can get any job done! Having Annie on your team just brings everything more light and more speed.”

Anne & Pete Sibley, Anne & Pete Sibley Music